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August 15, 2022

Pond Filtration Aquadyne Bead Filters Aquadyne 1.1B Bead Filter

Aquadyne 1.1B Bead Filter

Aquadyne 1.1B Bead Filter

Aquadyne 1.1B Bead Filter

The Aqudayne 1.1B is excellently suited to ponds up to 3000 gallons offering support for up to 65lbs (30Kg) of fish. Generally regarded as the worlds first perfect bead filtration system this Aquadyne 1.1B filter is offered with a lifetime guarantee.

Product Features:

  • Dyna-Max Forced Air Bead Cleansing System
  • Power Backwash
  • Bottom Sludge Drain
  • Micro Sediment Removal
  • No Internal Flow Restrictions
  • Full 6" Tank Opening
  • Complete Medical Bypass
  • Full Rinse Cycle
  • Full Medai Access
  • Internal Sedimentation

The Aquadyne 1.1B with it's 1.1 cubic feet of media is as mentioned ideally suited for ponds up to 3000 gallons. Complete with Dyna-Max forced Air Bead Cleansing System and a lifetime manufacturers warranty. Connection is made via 1-1/2" connectors on all ports and with an average footprint size of 20" deep by 30" wide including the pump and UV enables this suberb filtration system to be installed where space is limited.

Aquadyne 1.1B Specifications

Maximum Pond Size (Gallons)

3000 Gallons

Maximum Pond Size (Litres)

13,600 Litres


1.1 Cubic Feet

Fish Support

Up to 65 lbs

Flow Rate (gph)

1200 - 2300 gph

Maximum Pressure

50 psi

Filter Diameter

46 cm

Filter Height

87 cm

SKU Description Price Order
AQUAD1 Aquadyne 1.1B Bead Filter for ponds up to 3000 gallons £ 1195.00 Add To Cart
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