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August 15, 2022

Pond Filtration Aquadyne Bead Filters

Aquadyne Bead Filters

Aquadyne BEad Filters

Aquadyne Bead Filters

The Aquadyne range of bead filters are truly the Rolls Royce of all Bead Filter systems. Never before has a more efficient, reliable and maintenance free system been introduced for use within the Koi industry. Generally regarded as the world first perfect bead filtration system, all our Aquadyne bead filters come with a lifetime guarantee. The performance of these filters is unsurpassed, providing crystal clear water, whilst affording the owner ease of maintenance and peace of mind. The cleaning or backwashing process takes a matter of minutes and can be achieved without getting your hands wet.

Aquadyne Dyna-Max - Forced Air Bead Cleansing System

A unique feature of the Aquadyne bead filter range is the Dyna-Max forced air bead cleaning system. This system allows for thorough backwashing of the bead media through a significant increase in turbulence of the media prior to the backwashing process. This 'forced air' washing process completely breaks up the entire media bed and frees all the fine particles that may otherwise remain suspended in the media for further biodegrading.

The Dyna-Max system, installed on all of our Aquadyne filters also reduces the amount of water required to perfom a normal backwash by as much as 80%. During a normal non air-assisted backwash cycle, the 4.4C would typically require between 200 and 300 gallons of water to effectively clean the filter of waste. The use of the Dyna-Max system enables the same filter to be cleaned with as little as 60 gallons of water. This is the most desirable for those wishing to install larger models on smaller ponds as very little make-up water has to be added afterwards. This system accomodates for larger stocking levels in smaller environments whilst also extending the time between backwashes.

Aquadyne Product Features:

  • Dyna-Max Forced Air Bead Cleansing System
  • Power Backwash
  • Bottom Sludge Drain
  • Micro Sediment Removal
  • No Internal Flow Restrictions
  • Full 6" Tank Opening
  • Complete Medical Bypass
  • Full Rinse Cycle
  • Full Medai Access
  • Internal Sedimentation

Aquadyne Bead Filtration Advanced Technology

The performance of the Aquadyne is mainly due to it's unique patented central diffuser column which virtually eliminates internal friction loss. It's a remarkable custom crafted centre column that lets the most water through enabling maximum flow rates and superb cleaning results of the bead cake. It is the easiest to clean and most established bead filter available today. Notice the image above right, the column of the 8.8C model is unique in that it has 'extensions' to get deep into the bead cake. The regular column on all the Aquadyne range of filters are very similar to one shown above.
Aquadyne 1.1B Bead Filter
Aquadyne 1.1B Bead Filter
From £1195.00
Aquadyne 2.2B Bead Filter
Aquadyne 2.2B Bead Filter
From £1595.00
Aquadyne 4.4C Bead Filter
Aquadyne 4.4C Bead Filter
From £1995.00
Aquadyne 8.8C Bead Filter
Aquadyne 8.8C Bead Filter
From £2989.00