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October 24, 2021

Pond Filtration Turbovortex Prefilters Turbovortex Solids Separator PreFilter

Turbovortex Solids Separator PreFilter

Turbovortex Solids Separator PreFilter

Turbovortex Prefilters

The Turbovortex is the answer. What is the best thing you can do for your filter? Keep solids out of it so it can do what it really is supposed to do and that is handle solubles and not solids.

This is truly the answer to the problem of removing solids so you can have a more efficient filter.

The Turbovortex fits between the pond and your pump catching solids and waiting to be backwashed which is as simple as moving a valve and the solids are gone to waste, a simple 1 minute operation about once a week.

Product Features:

  • Takes the place of giant hard to install, difficult to hide vortex sediment tanks all in a small 12" footprint.
  • Easy to install
  • Backwashed in about 1 minute
  • Reduces the backwashing frequency of your filter
  • Opens instantly for servicing
  • Comes with installation kit

The TURBOVORTEX SOLIDS SEPARATOR was brought about to help hobbyist's remove solids prior to the biofilter. With the current advancement in filtration moving towards pressurized systems, there was a need to replace the old style sediment tank used on gravity feed systems. Enter the Turbo Vortex, a solids separator with only a 12" footprint. The Turbo was designed to work with these types of systems including sand, sand type, conventional, bead filters including the Fluidbead and Hydrabead units.

How The Turbo Vortex works:

Water is pulled from the pond through the unit into the pump and on to the filter. Solids accumulate in aerobic environment by means of 1. Lower baffle plate 2. Gravity 3. Centrifugal motion 4. Baffle balls, waiting to be back washed out. By simply moving a backwash valve handle the trapped debris is sent out to waste. Your strainer basket is kept clean, no more daily cleaning. While each pond is different, most pond keepers report back washing on a weekly basis. How does this help your filter?

By separating the larger solids and keeping them out of the filter, it allows the filter to do what you really want it to do and that is handle solubles. This results in a more efficient filter that can extend the time between back washings. It also produces better water quality, providing a healthier environment for the fish. Because of the way the debris is held in an aerobic environment, conditions conducive to the growth of unfriendly bacteria are eliminated.

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