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June 03, 2020

Aquosis Show Vats Spectrum Range

Spectrum Range

Aquosis Spectrum

The Aquosis Spectrum is a 3.25m diameter octagonal pool which stands 1.1m in height, the capacity of which is 6950 Litres (1530 gallons) when filled to 10cm below the rim.

The Aquosis Spectum is available with a choice of both heat retention and mesh covers custom tailored to fit.

Aquuosis Spectrum Specifications:

Aquosis Spectrum Specifications

Dimensions: 3.2 metre Diameter x 1.1 metres
Capacity: 10cms below the rim
Water Volume: (litres) 6,950 Litres
Water Volume: (Gallons) 1,530 Gallons
Warranty: 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty

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Aquosis Spectrum
Aquosis Spectrum