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September 21, 2021

UltraSieve III

UltraSieve III

The New Ultrasieve III

A few years after the introduction of the successful Ultrasieve II it has now been superceeded by the mark III.

The most important features are improved flow regulation and the new waste outlet which have fine tuned the overall performance.

The total size is now more compact so the unit occupies less space.

How It Works:

Pond water will flow over the auto-adjustable dam. The dam is connected to the float so that it's height is automatically adjusted. The system will ensure that the exact amount of water pumped out of the filter will enter the filter on the inlet.

Underneath the screen the unit now has stabilizers to prevent expansion when the unit ,accidentally, totally fills with water.

The Ultrasieve III comes with a pump connection of a 2" male threaded adaptor. The waste outlet is fitted with a 90/110mm slide valve.

Ultrasieve III Product Features:

  • Two x 4" Inlets for the connetion of multiple bottom drains
  • Sturdy Polypropylene Chasis
  • 300 Micron Sieve Screen
  • Large wate outlet inc. Slde Valve 90/110mm
  • 2" Outlet for pump connection
  • Optional Lid Available
  • Maximum Flow 20,000 litres per hour
  • Compact Size: 37cm Wide, 65cm Deep by 99cm High

The beauty about using a sieve as a prefilter is that all of the debris collected by the sieve is removed from the pond water immediately and remains on the sieve plate. As this organic matter is not decaying in the pond water creating toxins this imporves water clarity and reduces the load on the main biological filter. This decaying organic matter would normally be retained within the pond with other forms of filter systems.

In addition these filters are very easy to clean and maintain.

SKU Description Price Order
ULTRASIII UltraSieve III £ 789.00 Add To Cart
US3LID Lid for Ultrasieve III £ 45.00 Add To Cart
RSIEVEIII Replacement Stainless Steel Sieve Screen for UltrsSieve III £ 195.00 Add To Cart
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