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October 26, 2021

PolyGeyser Filter

PolyGeyser Filter

The PolyGyser Bead Filter is a real revolution in Bead Filter technology. Designed by the 'father' of the Bubble Bead filter; Dr Ron Malone. The PolyGyser Beadfilter is automatically self-cleaning without moving parts or electronics. These filters also contain EN (Enhanced Nitrification) media that offers between 50% to 100% greater nitrification than standard beads, and is capable of providing mechanical filtration down to 5 micron particle size.

The PolyGyser filter can be installed both above and below the waterlevel and any low watt pump like the Sequence and Oase can be used as a circulation pump.

The PolyGyser has the lowest possible pressure loss because it does not use a multi-port valve. Inlet and Outlets are 3" (±75mm). It's already being used in aquaculture where it has a proven track record and it's now ready for the Koi pond.

Product Features:

  • Fully automated cleaning without moving part or electronics.
  • No more clogging filters when you forget the cleaning cycle.
  • Special beads that offer 50% to 100% greater nitrification
  • Bio and Mechanical filtration in one unit.
  • Mechanical filtration up to 5 micron particle size.
  • Above or Below wtaer level installation
  • Compatible with low wattage pumps resulting in high enegry efficiency
  • Very little water loss with each waste water dump

How the PolyGyser Beadfilter Works

Water enters the filter in the middle of the chamber below the floating beads, and flows up through the beads and out to the pond. A pump, injects air into the collection chamber until it is full. The air is then released automatically up through the bed of beads, churning loose captured debris (this is the Gyser part). The water pump continues to run. The beads fall to below the water intake, so the new pond water washes down through the beads to the chamber below. As the filter refills, the beads float up to the top of the filter, and the cleaning process is completed. The air pump can be adjusted to fill the chamber for automatic cleaning every two to six hours, keeping the filter media bed at optimum performance levels and debris free.

In this way the filter can handle up to ± 2 Kilo feed loading per day! In the bottom chamber of the filter, the captured debris settles out, and can be released by simply opening a valve at the convenience of the owner ( normally every 2 or 3 days, however the filter chamber is quite large and can go for weeks without being flushed, another feature is that the flushing process uses very little water; the pump doesn't even need to be turned off to purge the collection chamber.

TypeSize H & DiaWeightBead QuantityMax Pond SizeMax Food Per Day



80 kilo
85 litre
5500 Gal




130 kilo
255 litre
8000 Gal


Every filter is equipped with a window to watch the backwash procedure. Maximum pump speed is 10m3/hour with a maximum head pressure of 0,7 bar (7 metres). The filter comes with a flow meter for the air pump, a check valve to be installed in between the pump and the filter and rubber couplings.

SKU Description Price Order
POLYGF PolyGeyser Bead Filter DF-3 for ponds up to 5000 gallons £ 1749.00 Add To Cart
POLYG6 PolyGeyser Bead Filter DF-6 for ponds up to 8000 gallons £ 2495.00 Add To Cart