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November 20, 2019

Koi Food Medicarp Koi Food

Medicarp Koi Food

Medicarp Koi FoodMedicarp Koi Food was formulated to stimulate the immune system of Koi and goldfish and help your fish fight disease.

Medicarp Koi food is a quality Koi Nutrition from Japan. Medicarp koi food is one of the most advanced formulation koi food in the industry. Medicarp Koi food contains concentrated lactoferin and torula yeast for disease and infection resistance.

Medicarp also contains hemathococcus phytoplankton, which provide an abundant source of astaxanathin for color enhancement.

Medicarp Koi Food was developed in Japan by researchers associated with Mie Univeristy in response to virus outbreaks which occurred in the Niigata prefecture. Results were excellent and in the years since, Medicarp Koi Food has become a widely respected food among Japanese breeders, collectors and hobbyists alike.

A truly superb Koi food!

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