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October 21, 2020

Koi Handling Nets Koi Socks / Transfer Tubes Koi Socks / Transfer Tubes (Water Tight)

Koi Socks / Transfer Tubes (Water Tight)

Koi Socks / Transfer Tubes (Water Tight)

Koi Socks or Transfer Tubes are an essential piece of equipment for any Koi keeper. It will be necessary at some point to move your Koi. Koi socks provide the means to be able to handle your Koi safely without risking damge to your fish.

This Koi Sock is water tight, enabelling you to move the Koi and a nominal amount of water which will help support the Koi whilst in the sock. Especially good for large Koi.

Simply grip the handle firmly with one hand, using the other hand, gather together the open end and clasp tightly, slide over the Koi and lift from the water. Place the gathered end of the sock into the new water and release allowing the Koi to gently slide out of the sock.

Always place the sock over the Koi head first and always make sure that the weight of the koi is toward the Head end (i.e. tail raised slightly) to avoid damage to the tail.

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KOIS120WT Koi Sock 120cm Water Tight Transfer Tube £ 39.00 Add To Cart

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