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October 16, 2021

Water Purifiers KP1 & KP2 KP2 Water Purifier

KP2 Water Purifier

KP2 Water Purifier

THE KP2 SUPER is of similar design to the HILUX, being also fitted with the absolute-rated "SEDEX" pre-filter in our "Clearview" housing so that incoming particulate contaminants, so often toxic to aquatic species, can be monitored as they are trapped at this stage. The 'SEDEX' pre-filter is over 97% effective at 5 micron, absolute, thus being far more efficient than pre-filters supplied with most other makes of purifier, which rely more heavily on carbons to do the job which is easily done by the cheaper-to-replace 'SEDEX'

The 'SEDEX' pre-filter is followed by 2 sequentially-mounted "SHORT TRAVEL" carbons giving over 7.5 million sq.ft of filtration area, to reduce average levels of Free Chlorine to no more than .003ppm (the "safe" level for aquatic life) and remove Pesticides, Insecticides, VOCs, reduce Chloramine*, THMs etc. and minimise commonly encountered levels of "Heavy Metals" such as IRON, LEAD, COPPER, ALUMINIUM SULPHATE and some MANGANESE.

Up to 40,000 UK gallons @1-2gpm

Dimensions: Measures only 18" long by 13" high, complete with wall bracket, hosetails, full instructions and "pure water" piping - "READY-TO-USE"

Guarantees: Housing warranted for 5 years against defect, contents and fittings for 1 year, holding the "Water Byelaws-Approved Product" Certificate and conforming to BS6920 from a BS5750 source.HeEv

SKU Description Price Order
KPCS KP2 SUPER Cartridge set - 3 cartridges £ 58.00 Add To Cart
KPCSC KP2 SUPER Cartridge Set with Chlornomore Cartridge - 2 cartridges £ 70.50 Add To Cart
KP2P KP2 SUPER Water Purifier £ 211.00 Add To Cart
KP2PC KP2 SUPER Water Purifier with Chlornomore £ 224.00 Add To Cart

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