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October 24, 2020

Pond Heating Filtertech Digital Contollers FilterTech Digital Controllers

FilterTech Digital Controllers

Designed to give automatic temperature control for Koi ponds. Operating in the range of 5 to 30 degrees Celcius this highly accurate stat will hold water temperature within +/- 0.1 degree Celcius. The unit is programmed with an automatic temperature gradient control which eliminates temperature shock for the fish when changing settings.

The unit can operate most boilers, motorized vavles and electric heaters up pto 3kw. A large clear display and single button make this a very user friendly thermostat. The unit also features a water level sensor option which cuts off the heat source at low water level and a remote alarm option to give warning of any faults.


  • Display 3 Digit LED
  • Resolution - 0.1 degrees C
  • Temperature probe Tolerance - + 1%
  • Display Range - 0.0 degree C to 40.0 degree C
  • Set Temperature Range - 5.0 degree C to 30.0 degree C
  • Programmed Temperature Rise Rate - 2 degrees C per day (maximum 1/2 degree per 6 hours)
  • Programmed Temperature Fall Rate - 1 degree C per day (maximum 1/2 degree C per 12 hours)
  • Heater Circuit Switching Capability - 3kw 230 volt maximum
  • Enclosure Rating - IP56
  • Temperature Probe Sensor Lead - 5 mtrs
  • Water Level Switch Lead - 5 mtrs
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FTDS FilterTech Digi-Stat Controller (no Probe) £ 99.95 Add To Cart
FTDSP5 FilterTech Digi-Stat Thermister Probe 5m £ 13.95 Add To Cart
FTDSP10 FilterTech Digi-Stat Thermister Probe 10m £ 16.95 Add To Cart
FTDSP15 FilterTech Digi-Stat Thermister Probe 15m £ 19.95 Add To Cart
FTDSP20 FilterTech Digi-Stat Thermister Probe 20m £ 22.95 Add To Cart

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