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October 24, 2021

Pond Heating Elecro POOLSMART PLUS Elecro POOLSMART Plus Digital Contoller

Elecro POOLSMART Plus Digital Contoller

Elecro POOLSMART Plus Digital Controller

This new and impressive digital controller from the already proven specialists in Koi Pond Heaters is a new and welcome addition to our product range.

The Elecro Pool Smart Plus Digital Controller has been purposly designed to contol all your pond or pool heating systems, compatible with the full range of Elecro Pond Heaters, Heat pumps, Heat Exchangers, Gas/Oil boilers etc.

The Elecro Pool Smart Plus Digital Controller is supplied complete with a 'T' piece incorporating a flow switch and a 3 metre temperature sensing probe. This 'T' piece can simply be connected into you existing pipework. The flow switch, which can be reversed will give added protection to your heat source as a reduction in flow when detected will turn off the relevant heater source saving you money and preventing damage. The temperature sensing probe acurate to 0.5ºC will ensure that you can maintain your water temperature at a constant level.

The multi programmable controller unit affords you the versatility to set minimum and maximum temperatures and the ability to program for peak and off-peak fuel charges enabling you to take full advantage of cheaper running costs, thus making the Elecro Pond Smart Digital Heater one of the most economical methods for controlling your heating.

As fish keepers, and especially Koi, we all know that sudden changes in water temerature can cause stress to the fish, with this in mind another unique feature has been incorported in to the controller, this feature allows you to increase or decrease the water temperature over a given period of time, for instance you could set the contoller to heat up your pond by say 1ºC over a the next twentyfour hour period, a superb feature!

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