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October 16, 2021

Pond Water Testing Digital pH Meters Eco Pal Digital pH Tester

Eco Pal Digital pH Tester

Eco Pal Digital pH Tester
Eco Pal ph+ Digital pH Tester

The ECO Pal pH+ Digital pH Tester measures pH, one of the more important control parameters in Koi ponds. Having a rugged, durable, reliable and portable pH tester is necessary both for the Koi professional and to Koi hobbyists alike.

pH is a unit of measure that describes the degree of acidity or alkalinity within the pond water. Pond water with a pH value 7.0 represents neutrality, Below pH 7.0 is acid and above 7.0 is alkaline.

Most of the fish species are happy in water within a range of pH 6.0 to 7.5, but others need water maintained to an even more exact levels this is where the Eco Pal pH tester coms inot it's own as sudden changes in the waters pH can cause stress to the fish and also indicate problems with the waters quality.

Under normal conditions within the pond, and particularly the level of carbon dioxide, all have an effect on the water's pH levels. This makes it even more important that you monitor the water carefully, since a sudden shift in pH, even a small one, may represent a danger to pond life.

In a well-planted pond, where there is a substantial uptake of carbon dioxide and nitrate by the plants, hydrogen ions will be steadily used up. So there will be an increase in pH, unless you take steps to replenish carbon dioxide levels. In a pond that contains poor, or scant plant growth, however, the trend is towards a rise in potentially harmful nitrate levels and a decline in the levels of both pH and alkalinity.

Product Features:
  • Auto Off - The auto-off feature shuts off the tester when it is idle.
  • Floatable - Even in the event if the tester is accidentally dropped into the water, it will remain afloat so as to enable immediate retrieval without damaging the electronics.
  • Splash Proof - Tester is splash proof, allowing easy washing.
  • Low Batery - The auto-off feature shuts off the tester when it is idle.
  • Shock Proof - Tester is able to withstand falls or drop shocks due to accidents.
Advanced Features:
  • One-Touch Calibration - Effortless calibration with a single touch of the button.
  • Hold Function - Able to freeze display for ease of reading.
  • Beep Function - The tester beeps at every press of the button and beeps on every completed function and end-point reading.
Why Should we Check our pH Levels:

Like humans fish are prone to sickness and diseases such as Acidosis and Alkalidosis which is caused by the water being either to acidic or alkaline. Such conditions can cause respiratory problems, liver and even kidney disorders. In order to prevent tghis it is essential that a balance pH level is maintained within the ponds water. The Eco Pal pH digital test will accurately read these measurments and is simple to use removing the need to perform tedious manual chemical dip tests.
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