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October 16, 2021

Delta Bio-Uv Professional

Delta Bio-Uv Professional

A new series of professional Stainless Steel UVC-units for ponds, pools, whirpools etc. The Delta Ultraviolet’s Elektra® Pro Delta Bio-UV series of UV sanitizers have been in production since 1999. These 100% Stainless Steel housing systems have become the “Cadillac” of UV sanitizers for the Koi Pond industry and have gained a reputation second to none for quality, functionality, performance and reliability.

Five different model sizes are available for circulation systems with water flow rates from 800 GPH (3,600 LPH) to 3,450 GPH (15,600 LPH). All models are available in 120V and 240V 50/60 Hz electrical ratings for worldwide application.

Exclusive features, as mentioned above include a 316 stainless steel housing that allows for 360° rotation of the inlet and outlet unions for ease of installation. Another key exclusive feature not commonly found in similar units is the inclusion of unions at each end of the stainless steel housing to facilitate cleaning of the quartz tube, should it be necessary.

As you can clearly see from the image below these UV's can be mounted either vertically or horizontally.

Delta Bio Uv Horizontal

Like all Delta Ultraviolet systems, Delta's propriety High Output (HO) low pressure lamp is capable of 30,000 µ/sec./cm2 output lamp end-of-life (EOL) when design flow rates are maintained. This is the same requirement for Class A drinking water. The long life lamp is rated at 9000 hours of continuous use (approximately 1 year).

The UV-5 and UV-10 models contain a 3" (076mm) Stainless Steel chamber, whilst the UV-4H10, UV-20, and UV-40 models each have a 4" (100mm) Stainless Steel chamber. All models have 63mm solvent connections.

Model UV-05 UV-10UV-H10UV-20UV-40
Size (Length x Diameter)

45 x 7.62 cm

63 x 7.62 cm

63 x 10.16 cm

99 x 10.16 cm

117 x 10.16 cm

Max Pond Size

1,500 Gallons

3,200 Gallons

4,400 Gallons

5,500 Gallons

6,600 Gallons

Flow Rate (Litres per Hour)

3,600 lph

7,500 lph

10,000 lph

13,000 lph

15,600 lph

Flow Rate (gallons per Hour)

792 gph

1,650 lph

2,200 gph

2,860 gph

3,430 gph

Power Consumption (watt)

30 watt

58 watt

58 watt

80 watt

90 watt

Inlet / Outlet

63 mm

63 mm

63 mm

63 mm

63 mm

Chamber Size

3" (76 mm)

3" (76 mm)

4" (100 mm)

4" (100 mm)

4" (100 mm)

SKU Description Price Order
DELUV5 Delta Bio-Uv 5 for ponds up to 1500 gallons £ 409.00 Add To Cart
DELUV10 Delta Bio-Uv 10 for ponds up to 3200 gallons £ 439.00 Add To Cart
DEL4H10 Delta Bio-Uv 4H10 for ponds up to 4400 gallons £ 529.00 Add To Cart
DELUV20 Delta Bio-Uv 20 for ponds up to 5500 gallons £ 569.00 Add To Cart
DELUV40 Delta Bio-Uv 40 for Ponds up to 6600 gallons £ 629.00 Add To Cart

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