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October 16, 2021

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Blue Eco Pond Pumps

Published: Fri, 11 May 2012

Blue Eco Pond Pumps

The brand new Blue ECO Titanium pumps are the most ECO friendly available on the market today.

Blue Eco Pumps utilise brushless DC electric motor technology, and have an efficiency rating of 94.6% - this compares with normal electric motors with have an efficiency of 45 - 50%. The power and therefore energy consumption with Blue Eco Pumps is fully adjustable from 10 - 100% of full power, so when reducing the R.P.M the energy consumption reduces accordingly.

Blue Eco pumps produce very little heat (as 94% of the energy used goes to turn the impellor) which makes them ideal for both wet and dry installations. All Blue Eco pumps are supplied with a seperate controller with display for controlling the pumps flow rate and subsequent power usage.

The Blue ECO Titanium pumps are fully marine water resistant and can be used both in submersible and dry installations, even the controller is watertight, although the controller should not be submersed in water. The controller display's power used in watts, rpm and running hours.

The Blue ECO Titanium pumps come complete with controller and 10 metre marine and water resistant cable.

Blue Eco Titanium Pond Pump Benefits:
  • Lowest power consumption of any pump on the market.
  • Energy rated "A".
  • 100% corrosion resistant.
  • Low Noise.
  • Suited to wet or dry applications.
  • Control Unit shows Power Used (watts) hour counter and rpm.
  • Basket pre-filters can be screwed directly onto the pump.
  • All pumps have noise suppressing rubber feet.
  • Fully CE approved.
  • 2 year Manufacturers warranty.
  • Saltwater resistant.
  • O-ring seal between impeller and pump head (provides more flow & increased head height).
Blue Eco Titanium Controller:
  • Totally new controller cabinet that has improved water proofing.
  • Improved cooling system.
  • Enlarged LCD display with indication of: RPM, hour counter, used amps and used wattage.
  • Remotely controllable and viewable LCD Display.
  • 0-10 volt connector for external RPM control: i.e. to increase pump speed during backwash on a beadfilter with automatic backwash valve.
Blue Eco Pumps are trully an outstanding pump offering both high flow rates, quiet operation and most importantly low running costs.

For more information and to purchase one of these superb pumps click here

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