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April 26, 2018

Aquosis Max 2

Aquosis Max 2

Aquosis Max 2

The Aquosis Max 2 is a modular system which is easily assembled and dismantled: the ideal solution when storage of fish is required. These superb systems are easily stored when not in use as they dismantle into a space saving package and will provide years of reliable service. Superbly constructed using only the best in available materials these systems can also be used as a permanent feature, offerring an alternative to building a heavily constructed koi pond.

The Aquosis Max 2 is a 6.0m x 3.0m rectangular pool which stands 1.2m in height, the capacity of which is 21500 Litres (4752 gallons) when filled to 10cm below the rim. The Aquosis Max 2 is available with a choice of both heat retention and mesh covers custom tailored to fit.

The Aquosis Max 2 is the ideal pool for your fish:

  • When cleaning or repairing a pond
  • During the refurbishment of an existing pond
  • When moving house
  • As an isolation unit
  • As a quarantine unit for new fish purchases
  • At koi shows or for displays
  • As a permanent garden pond

The Aquosis Max 2 is manufactured from PVC-coated polyester which is both UV and tear resistant with a thickness of 0.55mm. All systems come with a 2-year warranty, and are guaranteed safe with fish and all other aquatic life. The Aquosis Max 2 has a built-in draining point including flange fittings and drains which are easily installed.

The Aquosis Max 2 has a minimum temperature exposure of -30°C and a maximum temperature exposure of +7°C.

The Aquosis Max 2 has a freestanding interlocking framework manufactured from anodised aluminium, which forms a rigid structure once full of water.

As with all the Aquosis range, the Max 2 is easily assembled and dismantled. It is compact when dismantled to accomodate easy storage and transportation. There is no need for level ground or site preparation and the Max 2 is designed for both short and long term use in any environment. Custom made pools to any size can be manufactured, and a range of covers are available.

Aquosis Max 2 Specifications

Dimensions: (L x W x H) 6 metres x 3.0 metres x 1.2 metres
Capacity: 10cms below the rim
Water Volume: (litres) 21,500 Litres
Water Volume: (Gallons) 4,752 Gallons
Warranty: 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty

SKU Description Price Order
MAX2 Aquosis Max-2 6.0m x 3.0m x 1.2m (4752 Gallons) £ 2445.00 Add To Cart
MAX2MC Aquosis Max-2 Mesh Cover £ 289.00 Add To Cart
MAX2HRC Aquosis Max-2 Heat Retention Cover £ 379.00 Add To Cart
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